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The quality of patient consultations has improved, because we now spend our time talking with patients instead of focusing on paperwork and searching for information.

The decision support system aspect of CSO/Anticoagulation, with its dosage recommendations, adds value to our overall evaluation of patient therapies, and gives us an additional reference in our patient care. Statistics and quality control are easily accessible, and the clinic uses them continuously every month to follow up on the quality of care.

With nearly 900 active patients, it is difficult to imagine our clinic without the help of a journal and dosage system like CSO. I would definitely recommend CSO to anyone who works with AC therapy and wants to make their clinic more efficient and professional.

Kim Williams

RN, BSN, Medical City Plano, Plano, TX, USA

Less paperwork and more quality patient time

With a growing number of patients in anticoagulation therapy, Medical City Plano needed to streamline processes and provide better patient care. Since implementing CSO/Anticoagulation in 2003, the number of daily patient consultations has increased by more than 70%, and the system ensures that we can manage this growth successfully.

CSO/Anticoagulation ensures efficient routines, eliminating manual documentation and manual patient information, thereby speeding up the processes at the clinic. This has made it possible for the clinic to plan many more consultations daily.

Planning and follow-up are now IT-based, making appointment booking much easier, faster and error free. And we can identify no-shows right away.


About Medical City Plano

Medical City Plano is a full-service, 513-bed trauma center with more than 2,700 employees, and more than 1,466 associated doctors working within more than 70 specialties and sub-specialties. Medical City Plano is the first hospital in Dallas, Collin, and Denton Counties to receive Comprehensive Stroke Center accreditation in Texas, and the first and only Level I Trauma Center in Collin County.

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