Chronic diseases are becoming more and more prevalent

This increases the need for solutions that can handle the extra pressure on clinics. And that is where CSO/Telehealth can help.

CSO/Telehealth is a telemedicine solution that allows patients to perform their tests in their own home and report the values directly to the treatment group, regardless of whether the measurements are for diabetes, CPOD, cardiovascular or other conditions. CSO/Telehealth streamlines communication between the patient and the clinic, thereby improving the quality of care and increasing patient safety.

CSO/Telehealth provides, among other things:

  • Overview of patient status and course of treatment
  • Dashboard for monitoring incoming data
  • Tool for setting up individual time and measurement charts, alarms and questionnaires for each patient
  • Structured device handling with data storage function and overview of each patient’s devices
  • Easy overview of the individual patient’s course of treatment
  • Data extraction tools, for instance for quality control, statistics and overview Integration with other IT systems
  • CSO/Telehealth is used by a number of clinics. For example, in Cornwall, UK more than 2,000 patients with chronic diseases use the solution to manage their illness.

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