Clinical System Organizer – platform for chronic disease care in the health sector

Better quality and overview of the treatment of chronic diseases

CSO is a clinical IT platform designed to handle information about the course of treatment and the health care professionals involved in the care of patients with chronic diseases. The platform is generic and highly structured, and provides a range of customized modules that support specific types of care, such as diabetes, anticoagulation, high cholesterol, COPD, telemedicine and cardiac issues. Because the modules are designed specifically for the individual condition, routines can be streamlined, making all relevant information quickly accessible and easy to work with. A CSO installation is typically accessible by both clinics and patients.

CSO collects the data in a structured manner, thus creating an up-to-date clinical database that can be used for quality control and research, or as a basis for automatic reporting to national clinical databases, such as the Danish Adult Diabetes Database (DVDD) and the Danish Registry of Diabetic Retinopathy (Diabase). CSO comes with a built-in report generator for fast extraction of relevant data about your patient population.

CSO has been used in the health care sector in Denmark, the UK and the USA since 2003. In Denmark, the solution has been implemented in four of the five Danish regions, which are responsible for management of health care services in Denmark. CSO can be integrated with other clinical systems, such as patient administration systems, laboratory systems, the Danish shared medication record – FMK, general electronic patient journals, quality databases,, NemSMS, NemLogin and many others.

CSO can be installed locally in the regional infrastructure or used in a cloud-based set-up. Regardless of the chosen model, the data collected is the property of the region and cannot be accessed by IntraMed without prior agreement (support).


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Access CSO from your sofa, workplace or the golf course

With the CSO Online app, patients and health care professionals, such as home care nurses, can log in and register information in real time. The content of the app can be configured and the same client can have multiple app configurations, allowing different patient groups to interact with CSO in different ways.

What makes our app such a powerful tool:

  • Patients can see up-to-date information about their treatment from their PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Patients can submit measurements and information about own actions, such as dosage intake/adjustments Patients can communicate with relevant clinics via secure messaging
  • Patients can submit requests for needles, test strips and prescriptions
  • Clinic staff can access patient lists, including this week’s patients, new results, patients without upcoming appointments, etc.
  • Fully configurable app functionalities
  • Integrated with point of care testing (POCT) and other devices
  • Automatic text messaging for patients to communicate new dosages, messages from the clinic, reminders to perform new INRs, etc.

Three great reasons why CSO is the ideal solution

Transparent and consistent treatment

Fewer routines and greater simplicity

Optimized resources and lower costs


Medical City Plano has successfully reduced their paperwork and increased quality patient time

Medical City Plano is a full-service, 513-bed trauma center with more than 2,700 employees, and more than 1,466 associated doctors working within more than 70 specialties and sub-specialties. Medical City Plano is the first hospital in Dallas, Collin, and Denton Counties to receive Comprehensive Stroke Center accreditation in Texas, and the first and only Level I Trauma Center in Collin County.

The quality of patient consultations has improved, because we now spend our time talking with patients instead of focusing on documentation and paperwork. I would definitely recommend CSO to anyone who works with anticoagulation therapy and wants to make their clinic more efficient and professional.

Kim Williams

RN, BSN, Medical City Plano, Plano, TX, USA


Since implementing CSO, Lillebælt Hospital in Denmark has been able to treat more patients and still cut resource consumption

Lillebælt Hospital Vejle is part of the Region of Southern Denmark. The hospital has approximately 2,200 employees and treats approximately 22,000 hospitalized patients and around 150,000 ambulatory patients.

With CSO/Anticoagulation, we can prevent at least 100 cases of cerebral thromboembolism a year in the Region of Southern Denmark. CSO/Anticoagulation also helps us reduce our resource consumption.

Ivan Brandslund

MD, DMSc, Head of Research and Professor, Lillebælt Hospital, Denmark

We are on a mission to streamline
the care of patients with chronic diseases
all over the world

Our company is rooted in a passion for supplying tools that optimize interactions between health care professionals and patients, and ultimately for helping to give the patient the highest possible quality of care. At IntraMed, we believe that efficient interaction allows health care professionals to focus more on the patient instead of spending time on documentation and searching for information.

The idea behind Clinical System Organizer (CSO) is that data can be stored and shared in a centralized standard platform with user interfaces adapted specifically to the context in which they are used. We believe it is better to adapt the IT systems to how people work rather than forcing people to adapt to the IT systems. With that said, it is always important and necessary to optimize routines. However, the IT systems should not dictate the most efficient processes for the individual clinic. This is why CSO set-ups can function very differently from region to region, and why the same CSO platform can support routines in Denmark, the USA and other countries.

For 20 years, IntraMed has successfully implemented the CSO platform in Denmark, making it accessible to patients and health care professionals in four out of five Danish regions. We supply the majority of the systems that treat Danish anticoagulation patients, and we hold a strong position in other cardiological areas as well as in diabetes.

“Our ambitions are high. We know that our platform is flexible and robust, and we are continually developing new functions and implementing new technologies. Our latest addition to the platform is a smartphone user interface, because we want to give our users the best possible experience from every available device.”

– Jesper Leck, CEO, IntraMed A/S