Optimization of routines associated with Medicare Preventive Services

The CSO/Wellness module is designed specifically for handling and optimizing routines associated with Medicare Preventive Services. Since 2011, Medicare has wanted to conduct a series of preventive studies, but because the workload has been too much for clinics, the initiative has not been as successful as hoped. CSO/Wellness optimerer arbejdsgangen i indsamling af informationer, og understøtter både “Annual Wellness Visits” og tilhørende services som f.eks. screening for patienter der er i risiko for afhængighed af opioider, og et udvalg af neurokognitive undersøgelser. The solution ensures the efficient and structured collection of data.

And on the basis of this data, the system can provide the clinic with guidance on other relevant tests, as well as generating written guidelines for the patient and health care professional. CSO has been integrated with a number of backend systems designed to help ensure the quality of the health care professional’s work and minimize time spent.

Som eksempel er CSO integreret med CMS HIPAA Eligibility Transaction System (HETS), Drugs@FDA, Medicare-register over autoriserede behandlere, samt udveksling af informationer med behandlerens eget system. CSO/Wellness is offered as a cloud solution by our partners in the US and is currently used in more than 10 US states.

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