Special solution for anticoagulation treatment

A growing number of patients under treatment with both Vitamin K antagonists (VKA) and New Oral Anticaogulants (NOAC) means increased pressure on the management of outpatients. The resources are the same, but there are more patients to deal with. Effective tools are therefore needed to help the clinician keep track of the individual patient as well as ensure effective monitoring of the total population.

CSO/Anticoagulation is a comprehensive solution for managing both conventional VKA therapy and patients in self-testing or self-care therapy programs. The system is also able to handle patients under treatment with NOAC drugs. This provides healthcare professionals with a unique opportunity to compare quality and number of complications in their own system. The system has been in production in Denmark and the USA since 2003 and, today, it is the most widely used system for outpatient anticoagulation therapy in Denmark. The system functions as an add-on in existing electronic health records, so login and current context (department/patient) can be reused across systems.

The system enables effective, structured and uniform quality of treatment and allows for sharing of data between everyone involved in the therapy, including cardiologists, bioanalysts and nurses at the hospital, GPs, district nurses and patients. In Denmark, the system has succeeded in minimizing the time spent on finding and handling information during outpatient visits, allowing the health care professional to spend more time on communication with the patient. The system’s decision support feature also enables doctors to delegate much of the dosage management to nurses, bioanalysts and secretaries. As a result, the doctor only needs to spend time on dosage for the most critical patients. Comprehensive reporting functions provide a continual overview of the quality of the therapy and high-risk patients.

CSO/Anticoagulation offers you the following advantages:

  • Full overview of patients and quality of care
  • Good overview of each patient’s status, incl. updated 12-month Time in Therapeutic Range reporting according to the Rosendaal method
  • Dosage function with decision support system
  • Patient message containing dosage information, etc.
  • Support in connection with patient start-up, bridging, and hospitalization
  • Decision support system with color coding of patient status
  • Automatic forwarding of test results and medication information
  • Built-in calendar function with overviews of upcoming patients and no-shows, as well as reminder function
  • User interface/App for patients with options for
    • Read-only access
    • Self-testing patients (patients perform their own INRs, but dosage is managed by the clinic)
    • Self-management patients (patients perform their own INRs and manage their dosages)
  • User interface/app for home care nurses
  • Secure communication between involved parties
  • Structured data collection and patient communication
  • Comprehensive options for quality and performance follow-up



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