Case Lillebælt Hospital Vejle

Many doctors are concerned about starting patients on anticoagulation therapy. But it is much more dangerous to refrain from treatment and leave the patient untreated. With CSO/Anticoagulation, we are able to prevent at least 100 cases of cerebral thromboembolism a year in the Region of Southern Denmark.

In Vejle, we conduct 10,000 ambulatory consultations a year. The Danish Diagnosis-Related Group (DRG) system is based on calculations of the average cost of the patient’s therapy, and the DRG system rewards efficiency. We are therefore able to improve the treatment of patients in AC therapy, while at the same time, CSO/Anticoagulation helps us to reduce our resource consumption.

Ivan Brandslund

MD, DMSc, Head of Research and Professor, Lillebælt Hospital, Denmark

Better care for more patients using fewer resources

After a successful trial period with 15 patients in a self-testing program, the entire Region of Southern Denmark has implemented IntraMed’s CSO/Anticoagulation system in order to treat more patients using the same resources and improve the quality of care. In the trial, the patients performed their INR tests at home and registered the values in the CSO/Anticoagulation web-based system.

Today, the Region of Southern Denmark has increased the number of patients using self-testing to approx. 2,500 patients. When the patients test themselves, it is possible to concentrate the resources at outpatient clinics on high-risk patients and patients with complications.


About Lillebælt Hospital Vejle

Lillebælt Hospital Vejle is part of the Region of Southern Denmark. The hospital has approx. 2,200 employees and treats approx. 22,000 hospitalized patients and around 150,000 ambulatory patients.

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