The CSO platform for chronic diseases

CSO – Developed in close collaboration with doctors

Clinical System Organizer (CSO) is a web-based platform for chronic diseases that links data, systems, health care professionals and patients. In addition to improving the quality of care, it also streamlines processes, thus helping to enhance the economics of health care services.

A key advantage of CSO is its modular structure, in which each module is dedicated to a single chronic disease. The modularity means that many of the functionalities, such as user administration, patient care, clinical database, medication module, booking system, status page, etc., are the same across the modules. This reduces the costs associated with operation, training, maintenance and purchase of the system, while at the same time establishing consistency within health care services.

CSO has been developed in close collaboration with medical specialists in chronic diseases. It is user friendly, can be used by all types of clinics and patients, and can be seamlessly integrated with electronic patient journal (EPJ) systems and other health IT systems.

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